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Samara Landscape Design's primary focus is to provide comprehensive professional landscape design and project management services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.  The services we provide start with the initial Consultation Appointment.  Some clients may just need the information to properly tackle the project themselves, and may only require a consultation appointment.  The second phases is the Landscape Design phase where the scaled working drawings of the project are developed.  The final service provided is Project Management.  Project Management services may be provided after the landscape design is completed by Samara, or may be provided as a service without the prior preparation of plans by Samara Landscape Design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of hiring a Landscape Designer?
The biggest advantage to having a professional design your garden is that the designer's expertise will allow them to address all the elements of the project as a whole with the "big picture" in mind using the proper materials and sound construction processes.

How will I get value for the cost associated with my Landscape Design?
The landscape design allows three very valuable things to occur upon completion.  The first is that the design has been locked in.  This allows the client to have control over how their project is to be developed.  The second is that the plan is a detailed, scaled document that allows the accurate generation of quotes for the construction of the project.  The third factor is that the project may be phased if required, but the end product is clearly defined so that it is easy to section off the project into logical phases that can be completed in a cost effective manner.  A very commonly heard story from clients that didn't originally choose to have a landscape design prepared is that they would start and complete one phase, then decide on a new idea for another phase that didn't really fit with the original idea and in many cases it costs them more money than it should have as they spend money on the original installation and then had to spend money to undo or change parts of the first project to fit into the next big idea.

Are the plans ours to keep?
The plans are purchased by the client and are the property of the client.   The client is free to install the project themselves, open the project to bidders themselves, or to use Samara's Project Managements Services.